Elijah Craig

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Elijah Craig
Elijah Craig MENUCLOSE

Toasted Barrel

Charred to start. Toasted to finish. Our fully matured Small Batch Bourbon, finished in toasted oak barrels for added complexity.


Product Story& Flavor Profile

In 1789, Elijah Craig discovered greatness when he first charred oak barrels to make Bourbon. Today, we honor his innovative spirit with Toasted Barrel: a unique expression that is charred to start and toasted to finish. This expression takes our award-winning Small Batch and finishes it in a second, custom toasted barrel for an added layer of sweet oak complexity. The result is a 94-proof Bourbon with notes of baking spices & chocolate, and a long, smooth finish.

The making of Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel

Tasting Notes


Complexity continues. Nicely warming, with lingering chocolate and baking spices

Toasted Bareel Tasting Notes Toasted Bareel Tasting Notes


Big, rich, and complex. Delightful spice and pepper notes fade to milk chocolate with just a hint of smoke


Lots of toasted oak with rich caramel


94 proof


Roasted pecans